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Together we make animals and people happy

Pets enrich our lives – day after day. The famous scientist and behaviorist Konrad Lorenz discovered that: "The desire to own an animal was known in ancient times as the longing of civilized man for a lost paradise."

As a company, we do everything to make the lives of animals and their caregivers simpler, better and happier. Currently, Fressnapf | Maxi Zoo employs approximately 10,000 people and has stores in eleven European countries. We offer our customers a wide range of products, including 14 brands available exclusively in Maxi Zoo stores, in all price categories.


Many possibilities, one direction: forward

We are friends of animals and a leader in the pet industry. We are glad that you are interested in working with us! We are looking for true enthusiasts who not only have skills, but also share our love for animals. If you also value our values and think that we can create unique projects together, then make sure to send your application.

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We are a leader in the pet industry

We are a leader in the pet industry

For over 25 years in Fressnapf | stores MAXI ZOO you can get advice on all matters related to pets. Our two- and four-legged customers trust us because we love animals and want them to feel happy.

We manage to achieve this not only thanks to the large number of over 10,000 products, but also because we have the same respect for both our customers and their pets. We are a friendly company that provides its clients with professional advice tailored to their needs and expert services.

In Maxi Zoo stores, each customer can receive professional advice on choosing a diet, taking care of their health and properly caring for their pet. The store staff can advise all pet owners, and all advice is tailored to a given pet species.

Our employees undergo numerous training courses and are constantly educated. Thanks to this, they have up-to-date knowledge that helps them better understand the needs of animals and their owners.

Even more reasons to join us

In addition to our customers and their pets, our employees are at the center of everything we do. Just as you see yourself as a partner of our customers, we as your employer stand by your side - and do a lot to ensure that you feel comfortable in the Fressnapf family and can develop further.


Attractive benefits

Our employees enjoy additional days off for long service or involvement in volunteering for animals. Additionally, we offer attractive employee discounts on Maxi Zoo own brand products and the possibility of using private medical care.

Flexible working hours and mobile office

It is important to us that you can combine your professional and private life in the best possible way. So, we offer you flexible working hours, taking into account your specific task. And, of course, the option to work from home or remote, if your job allows it.


Encouraging and challenging

From the first day of work, we focus on your professional development. We organize specialized training on our products and service processes. Additionally, we offer dedicated development training for experienced employees to constantly expand their competences.

Stable and open environment

As an owner-managed, economically sound and independent company, we offer you a secure environment in a crisis-resistant industry. We maintain an open, cooperative relationship with each other and treat each other as equals - from the management level down to the trainee, we support each other in becoming a little better every day.



Four-legged colleagues

At Maxi Zoo, we share a common love for animals, which is why we offer a unique opportunity to take our four-legged pets with us to the workplace.

Together we create an international company.

You will find satisfaction in working with us if you are open-minded, ready to take on interesting challenges and culturally flexible. What we value is pragmatism and flexibility in solving problems, as well as a positive approach to challenges. We appreciate structures and processes, but always with innovation and efficiency in mind. If you care about continuous development and creating something new, please join our team. We can't wait to meet you!

The world behind animals: we strive to implement new technologies

Maxi Zoo / Fressnapf is not only a chain of stationary stores, but also a dynamic, data-oriented and technologically developing team. We are responsible for logistics for over 1,700 stationary and online stores in Europe, offering comprehensive online pet care services.